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Posted by sarahassan on 22 Apr 2010

Welcome to the Hermit Park State Primary School Collaboration Space!


This is a space for Hermit Park students to connect with each other and discuss global issues that matter! 


Don’t forget to connect to the DeforestACTION collabration by clicking on the DeforestACTION link or by clicking on DeforestACTION located under “Collaborating in”. 


When you are in the DeforestACTION Collaboration classroom, you can connect with the friends you made at the SHOUT DeforestACTION Virtual Conference, discuss your collective global deforestation plan, as well as get information on the causes and impact of deforestation and current youth-driven global deforestation initiatives. 


Remember to vote for your favourite proposal and DeforestACTION logo!  Voting begins on April 22nd and will continue until May 3rd, 2010.  Watch out for the winner and a very special announcement!

Collaborating in: